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Fixing our Front Door

The purpose of the Mainstreet Waynesboro Façade Program is to encourage and support business owners and property owners on Main Street in Waynesboro to restore, improve, or maintain the front and, in certain circumstances, side facing and rear facades on their buildings in the core business district. The visual impact of our Main Street environment is critical to attracting shoppers, foot traffic, visitors and members of the community at large. This core segment of our downtown has been described as the “front door of our community.” How we take care of the front door of Waynesboro will have a powerful impact on how we view ourselves and how others view our community.



This program is currently limited to properties on Main Street between Cumberland Valley (C.V. Avenue) and Clayton avenues in the Borough of Waynesboro, PA. Applications for this Façade Grant Program should include the following activities as eligible costs for reimbursement:

  • Sign programs

  • Paint programs

  • Design assistance

  • Storefront and building facades, such as brick, metal or stone work, doors, windows, awnings

  • Signs and façade improvements that extend around the side of a building and are integral to or a continuation of the storefront or building front façade as described below

  • Signs and façade improvements to the rear of a building where the rear serves as a primary or secondary entrance to the business and is used as a standard customer entry/exit point. Examples are rear entrances that funnel customers into a business from adjacent parking lots. Also targeted for grants are rear façade improvements for businesses that support outside venues, such as restaurants with outdoor seating.


Financial Details

This is a matching grant program, and the total maximum grant per project will be $5,000.  After project development, the applicant obtains two bids for the work to be done, submitted with the completed application. An MSW representative will conduct a pre-approval inspection of the project location, while actual work is authorized and completed under the applicant’s supervision.

One half of the lowest bid will be awarded when the project is complete.


More Details

For more information, click on the program guidelines, and the application.







Ask before you start! If you have questions, email Bill Kohler at

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