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When we envisioned turning an eyesore of a building into a beautiful park here in downtown Waynesboro, we also saw the potential value in the adjacent building. We currently utilize the back end of 21 East Main for our park's stage during special events. Attendance at these events has been excellent and we are really enjoying bringing people together at Main Street Park!

Ultimately, our goal is to fully renovate that building and then build out the open space next to our park. We are hoping to be able to bring in a new restaurant or brew pub for everyone to enjoy, conveniently located right there on Main! 


We're overjoyed to report that we have recently received grants from both county and state funding sources to help us move forward with our plans for this site! 

Want to help? You can make a tax-deductible donation to this or any of our other projects at any time by clicking the donate button here! 

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