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Discover Our Main Street With Distrx

Welcome to the heart of MainStreet Waynesboro, where history, culture, and vibrant local businesses come together! We're excited to introduce you to Distrx, your new travel companion for exploring our beautiful Main Street district.

What is Distrx?

Distrx is a FREE location-aware mobile app designed specifically for Main Street communities like ours. It's your all-in-one guide to everything our community has to offer.


Key Features:

  • Welcome Greeting: As you enter our district, Distrx welcomes you with open arms, ensuring you feel right at home.

  • Events Calendar: Stay up-to-date with all the exciting happenings in our Main Street community. Find out what's on, where, when, and get the latest event details.

  • Interactive Map: Explore our district with ease using the interactive map. Find attractions, discover hidden gems, and navigate like a local.

  • Business Directory: Looking for a particular shop, restaurant, or service? Distrx's business directory, categorized by type, has you covered.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 4.08.49 PM.png
Distrx Pic.png

Why Should You Use Distrx?

  • Stay Informed: Be the first to know about local events, from Live Music, Market Days, and more.


  • Explore With Confidence: Navigate our district with the interactive map, ensuring you don't miss a thing.


  • Support Local Businesses: Discover the diverse array of businesses in our community and help us thrive.

Our Message


As the world continues to go mobile we felt that putting our community on Distrx would be the best way for us to keep growing, and for you to grow with us.


As we move along with this project our goal is to have a majority of our businesses active and offering some unique promotions available only on Distrx.

The best part is that Distrx isn't just for our community. When you travel to another Main Street community, the app transforms to become your guide for that location. It's your gateway to exploring vibrant Main Street districts across the country.

We hope you join us along our journey. If you are on desktop you can scan this QR code and it will take you to your app store.

If you're on mobile, just go to your app store and look up Distrx to get started!

Thank you for being part of our incredible Main Street community. Together, we'll make every visit an adventure!

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